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 If you want to live each day to the fullest and enjoy every aspect of your life.

     Then we are here to share in that passion for a healthier life through world class programming for all fitness levels, and a caring community.

       Whatever your goals may be, we are committed to helping you reach them by pushing you Beyond The Lines!

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Functional Fitness

Programming designed to improve your fitness baseline while testing your limits.  We focus on the details: quality of movement, appropriate progressions, and the path for everyone to become their own athlete!

One-on-One training program tailored to meet the client’s personal goals through immediate feedback, motivational coaching and accountability.

Personal Training

Sports Performance Training

Individualized training programs based on personal goals and sport specific demands to reduce injury, build strength, and improve weaknesses

Endurance Training

Specific programming to increase your ability to move for an extended period of time.

Fun and energetic atmosphere that motivates kids to get up and move. Kids will learn functional movements, balance, stability, body awareness, teamwork, and so much more.

Kids Fitness

On Ramp

Introduction to Gymnastics, Endurance, and Weightlifting skills to prepare you for a class setting. (Time in on ramp will vary depending upon individual ability.)



Functional fitness

Month to Month $155 

6 Month Contract $145


12 Month Contract $140

Drop-ins $15 or purchase of shirt

Personal Training


Hourly  $55 

Sports Performance


$70 2 times/week

Endurance Training


$35 Session

kids fitness

$45 per month

(1 class/week)

$70 per month

(2 classes/week)

On Ramp Training

$65 per month


Meet our Staff

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